TAPFringe 2017

TAPFringe sits on the fringes of the annual TAP exhibition, extending beyond the TAP research project cohort to include educators and teacher practitioners from all practice based disciplines keen to exhibit, present and share their practice in digital, visual, object-based, and performance-based work. Over time we hope to raise the profile of TAPFringe as the TAP project supports and models practice based and practice led research, pedagogy and praxis.


One of the factors that has contributed to TAPFringe’s increasing prominence in the suite of TAP offerings is the SEED funding received in 2017 to support the shift from the ‘Teacher as Artmaker’ Project toward the ‘Teacher as Practitioner’ through a new approach for our research, annual exhibition and symposia. This SEED grant has supported a new research agenda for the project (as outlined in the research report in the catalogue), generating opportunities to consider what practice looks like for the ‘teacher as practitioner’ and to support the exhibition to “open up TAP” for practitioners beyond the arts, for instance in performance, design, environmental education, and science.

TAPFringe 2017 Catalogue (download here)